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Run by growers for growers

The Seed Potato Organisation (SPO) is being formed by a group of Scottish growers to support and develop the seed potato industry

What will SPO be?

An independent, transparent, and democratic organisation, set up as a co-operative, run by seed growers for the benefit of its members

A lean organisation where growers set the agenda each year, focusing on activities relevant to the seed industry, and delivering value for money

Full membership with voting rights will be open to all growers

What will SPO do?

  1. Fund research, innovation, and technical services to benefit the seed potato sector

  2. Represent the views of seed potato grower members and present evidence to governments

  3. Support the development of seed potato markets

  4. Ensure the economic and environmental sustainability of the seed potato sector

What will SPO membership cost?

Each member will pay a proposed joining fee of £2,000 - a loan that will be repaid if the member leaves, used as capital to establish the organisation

Members will then pay an annual fee based on their area of seed grown

It is anticipated the annual fee will be around £40 /ha in 2023 to raise enough funds - but this rate will depend on the size of the anticipated membership

Who can be an SPO member?

It is expected that seed growers will form the bulk of the membership

Ware growers will be welcome to join

Potato trade companies will be offered Associate Membership

How can I find out more about SPO?

Grower meetings will be held in Coupar Angus on the 5th July, Kinloss on the 6th July, and a session will be held at Potatoes in Practice 2022 on the 11th August - full details can be found by clicking on the link below

These meetings will give all interested growers the opportunity to discuss what has been proposed and ask questions

If there is enough interest from growers, it is expected that SPO will be launched in January 2023

Now is the time for seed potato growers to set the agenda: join SPO and help it shape the development of the sector

Want to find out more?

Let us know what your email address is so we can send updates and further information.

This will only be for the SPO, and your contact details will not be used for anything else.

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